Project description

Faux Video

General Description

Video: because they were built in video editing software. Faux: because they were created from still images rather than video footage.


    Ths Sun Yet Rises

    Video produced from sceen recording of manipulating the exposure of a digital negative.

  • Mute Witness

    On September 11, 2001 the world we knew was forever altered. In the days to follow images were selected on the basis of emotional impact, images that spoke the loudest of the reach and the depth of heartbreak we shared. That so many were effected so deeply changed us - we evolved a little, as a species.

    Mute Witness is a personal memorial to the victims and heros of 911 and the world's reaction to it. The soundtrack, Enya's "May It Be", is available at

    "Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it..." --Achem Dro'hm

  • Introduction to Polymer Clay

    Introduction to Polymer Clay is a one minute video producted in support of the 2013 Polymer Clay Art-Uncorked class, a fundraiser for the Kansas City Arts Foundation